Eleven/11 Counsel & Strategy, Inc. is a unique legal and consulting practice using an insider’s perspective to help clients in entertainment and other industries to minimize risk and successfully negotiate agreements.

With an approach that is both detail- and business-oriented, its founder, Ilanna Bavli, Esq., provides trusted advice based on expertise gained through years of diverse in-house legal positions and roles at top global law and consulting firms. 


Specialties include entertainment business & legal affairs, software/technology-related transactions, content security and data privacy, and investigative strategy. 


Ilanna Bavli, Esq. is the President and Founder of Eleven/11 Counsel & Strategy, Inc.  After working as an in-house attorney in varied positions across the entertainment industry, her experiences at companies suffering high profile leaks and data breaches inspired a major career change and eventually led to the creation of her own innovative practice.  

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