Eleven/11 Counsel & Strategy, Inc. is a unique legal and consulting practice using an insider’s perspective to help clients in entertainment and other industries to minimize risk, uncover facts, assess their handling of sensitive information, and enter into wise agreements. Specialties include:


Content Protection and Security 

With a unique perspective gained from in-house entertainment legal experience involving the production and exploitation of content as well as significant security breaches, we help clients develop robust content security practices aligned with their business interests.  This includes providing clients with a detailed analysis of workflows and procedures used to handle entertainment content.  Our intimacy with industry culture and customs ensures that all relevant practices are examined and facilitates fruitful discussions with players at all levels.  By detailing these processes, identifying areas of exposure, and recommending changes, we help clients better protect their valuable assets and prepare them to respond to leaks quickly.  We help design business-minded solutions, including tailored policies, best practices, and training methods.  We also advise on vendor selection and management, and can use our legal expertise to draft protective language for third-party agreements

Investigative Strategy
We use our considerable experience and proven instincts to help clients identify sources, perpetrators, and methods used in intellectual property infringement, defamation, and other investigations.  Our detailed knowledge of the entertainment content lifecycle gives us special insight into content leak investigations.  We tackle projects of all sizes, and have access to trusted digital forensics, surveillance, and other specialty vendors as needed.

Data Mapping and Data Privacy  

We help clients obtain a clear picture of the handling of personal data and other sensitive information.  By conducting interviews and assessing practices, we map and analyze the creation, storage, and transmittal of sensitive data.  This identifies vulnerabilities and provides a more comprehensive view of data processing than a purely technical approach.  With an eye toward business needs as well as vigorous protection and compliance, we help companies find innovative solutions, craft comprehensible policies, and prepare for the CCPA, GDPR, and other regulations.

Entertainment Legal and Business Affairs
We perform a wide array of services with skills honed during years of advising executives, conducting negotiations, and drafting and analyzing complex agreements respecting the acquisition, development, production, financing, distribution, and marketing of motion pictures and other content.  Our detail-oriented approach also makes us adept at analyzing chain of title and creating and revising legal forms.

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