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Eleven/11 Counsel & Strategy, Inc. is a unique legal and consulting practice using an insider’s perspective to help clients in entertainment and other industries to minimize risk and successfully negotiate agreements. Specialties include:


Entertainment Legal and Business Affairs

Ms. Bavli performs a wide array of services with skills honed during years of advising executives, conducting negotiations, and drafting and analyzing complex agreements respecting the acquisition, development, production, financing, distribution, and marketing of motion pictures and other content.  At Eleven/11, she structures, negotiates, drafts, and reviews varied agreements for clients developing, producing, and/or distributing content such as films, TV series, documentaries, podcasts, interactive media, and digital productions.  She provides strategic advice on the development of content based on valuable underlying rights and true stories, and guidance on matters such as guild affiliation, script submission policies, promotions, and clearance.  Clients appreciate her unique experience handling both sides of various types of vendor agreements and advising on privacy/security matters.  And her detail-oriented approach makes her adept at analyzing chain of title and creating legal forms.

Software/Technology Transactions
Eleven/11 serves as trusted counsel for diverse companies offering innovative software platforms which encompass entertainment, social media, customer data, retail, and other industries.  Ms. Bavli drafts and negotiates non-disclosure, consulting and advisory services, referral and integration partnership, master services, end user, data licensing, separation, rights acquisition, and other agreements for such clients.  She also provides guidance on general business and privacy/security matters.


Content Protection and Security 

With a unique perspective gained from in-house entertainment legal experience involving the production and exploitation of content as well as significant security breaches, Ms. Bavli helps clients assess and develop robust content security practices aligned with their business interests.  This includes conducting a detailed analysis of workflows, identifying areas of exposure, and recommending changes to help clients better protect their valuable assets and respond to leaks quickly.  Ms. Bavli helps design business-minded solutions, including tailored policies, best practices, and protective language for third-party agreements.  Comprehensive services are offered thanks to relationships with a trusted network of technical cybersecurity professionals.

Investigative Strategy
Ms. Bavli uses her proven instincts and detailed knowledge of the entertainment content lifecycle to help clients identify sources, perpetrators, and methods used in content leak and other investigations.  She teams up with experienced litigators, digital forensics, and other specialty vendors as needed.

Data Mapping and Data Privacy  

By conducting interviews and assessing practices, Ms. Bavli maps and analyzes the handling of personal and other sensitive information.  This identifies vulnerabilities and provides a more comprehensive result than purely technical data inventories.  With an eye toward business needs as well as vigorous protection and compliance, Ms. Bavli helps companies navigate the regulatory landscape, find innovative solutions, and craft appropriate privacy policies.


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