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Ilanna Bavli, President

Ilanna Bavli, Esq. is the President and Founder of Eleven/11 Counsel & Strategy, Inc., a consulting and legal practice specializing in content protection and security, investigative and data privacy strategy, and entertainment law.  Representative projects have included managing content leak investigations and content security consulting projects for motion picture/television companies, developing data privacy/security strategies and policies, drafting and advising on distinctive vendor, production, and distribution agreements, and conducting specialized legal research projects.  


Ilanna previously worked as a transactional entertainment attorney at O’Melveny & Myers, in the motion picture legal group at Paramount Pictures, as Vice President, Business & Legal Affairs at Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, and as Senior Vice President & Associate General Counsel at Summit Entertainment, where she managed successful leak investigations on the Twilight Saga franchise among varied other duties.  That inspired her to consider a suggested career change, which she made shortly after experiencing the high-profile cyberattack at Sony Pictures while working as a Vice President on its film acquisitions legal team.  Ilanna left to become a Vice President at the global risk consulting firm Stroz Friedberg, where she managed engagements including content leak and online defamation investigations, data mapping, data breach incident response, and digital forensics projects.


Ilanna’s community service work has included a number of leadership roles over the years, primarily helping children in need and aiding other vulnerable populations.  She currently serves on the Board of Secure the Village, a nonprofit whose mission is a “cybersecure” Los Angeles, and on the Leadership Committee of The Book Foundation/Make Good Inc.  Ilanna received her J.D. from Yale and bachelor’s degree from Harvard.

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